Dog Rings The Wind Chimes Every Day So He Can Sing

Bought, a wonderful and attractive dog. It has an amazing ability to blow wind sounds, but that’s not all; even this fluffy 4-year-old sings to the rhythm of the bells. When Bleu was a puppy, he came and found this instrument, which became his favorite toy ever since and became his biggest gift.

Ana Brown, Bleu’s adoptive mother, reports that while cleaning and tidying up her yard one day, she put in some old wind chimes she had, and her then-puppy was drawn to the noise produced by these metal pipes.

“When she was very, very small, around 4 months old, she walked out on the street and her head struck the wind chimes because they were so low; we thought that would be terrible for her hearing, but she simply started singing,” says her mother.

Bleu now touches the bells with his head, waggles his tail, and bends his head to begin his morning concert every time he walks out into the courtyard.

Bleu has a huge number of fans on social media as a result of her skill. Ana posted one of her performances with the bells on Facebook and received 100,000 comments in only 24 hours.

Bleu’s video has had over 19.7 million views to far, and Ana has received several comments from people all around the world complimenting her incredible skill.

Bleu adores her wind chimes, and despite their rising renown, I wouldn’t swap them for something more costly or charming.

“For Christmas, my mother got us a really lovely wind chime, and [Bleu] won’t touch it because she doesn’t want anything to do with it. “All she wants are the wind chimes that she’s used to.”