Dog Shows Up To Watch Race And Has Zero Shame About Not Joining In

Ollie just turned 6 years old, and at this point in his life, he knows exactly what he likes and doesn’t like. He adores getting attention from strangers and eating snacks. He doesn’t care so much for anything involving exercise.

“In general we have to force him out the door, sometimes drag him, for walks, but he loves going for car rides and somehow knows the difference,” Crystal Uvalle, Ollie’s mom, told The Dodo.

Ollie is so opposed to exercise that if his parents know they’re going to be embarking on a longer walk, they take him in his wagon instead to avoid having to carry him around when he inevitably decides he’s had enough.

“The heat gets to him, and when he’s tired, he will just go limp and you have to carry his 48-pound potato body,” Uvalle said.


Recently, some of Ollie’s parents’ friends were running in the Great Race in Pittsburgh, a 5K/10K that supports amyloidosis research. Since the race went through their neighborhood, they decided to go and take Ollie too — along with a sign inspired by a famous Olivia Rodrigo song that let everyone know exactly how Ollie feels about their need to exercise.


As he sat in his wagon, proudly displaying his sign, Ollie watched all of the people running by him — and was honestly a little offended that they would rather run than stop and pay attention to him.

“He really liked it but kept trying to get out of the wagon to get pet/say hi to people,” Uvalle said. “He’s used to getting a lot of attention wherever he goes, so he seemed confused/a little sad that there were so many people but nobody petting him.”


Ollie definitely caused quite a stir with his sign and, of course, eventually got all of the love and attention he deserves — once everyone was done running and realized that petting him was definitely the superior activity.