Dog Sits Alone In Sad Shelter Corner After Being Rejected For 720 Days


Drools, a 4-year-old Pit Bull-Boxer mix, was surrendered nearly two years ago to the rural Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista, Colorado.

The employees were certain that the lovely youngster would be adopted soon after seeing his cheery and extra-snuggly disposition.

Drools, on the other hand, has already been at the shelter for a record-breaking 720 days – and there’s still no sign that he’ll find a home anytime soon.

Kacey Widetich, a “Relay For Rescue” employee, has been caring for Drools for several months and feels that his lack of exposure is one of the reasons he has gone unnoticed all this time.

Another reason for Drools’ “undesirability” is that he becomes nervous around other cats and dogs and requires being the only pet in the house.

Credit: Kacey Widetich

Drools’ emotional well-being has been severely harmed by the continuous rejections. The normally joyful dog has been lonely, despondent, and despairing for the past three months. Kacey was quick to see the dog’s waning vigor. Drools’ kennel is now where she spends her evenings to make him feel loved and safe.

Credit: Kacey Widetich

In a desperate attempt to locate Drools a suitable home, the shelter has turned to the public for help. Drools is wary of strangers at first, but once he bonds with them, he is exceedingly devoted and loving.

He gets along well with children and loves a reasonable amount of physical exercise that isn’t too strenuous.