Dog Spent Her Days Under A Bush Since Kids Picked On & Bullied Her For Being Old


A stray named Porkie could only spend her days hiding under a bush because she was always bullied and abused by the local kids for being an old dog. She deserved so much more in life and was eventually brought in to Cape Town for rehoming.Sidewalk Specials was determined to give her a second chance at life.

Because she only ate at the rocks underneath her feet, her teeth were ground down to the nerve. She would also need an operation to save her eye. Being an old and sick girl, would anyone want her? The answer to that was a very clear yes!

Porkie is living it up these days with her humans and cat sibling in her loving forever home!

She now knows of a life consisting of playtime, cuddles, and walks without the fear of constantly being picked on and hurt. Amazing!