Dog survives fall off 170-foot cliff unharmed: ‘Nothing short of miraculous’

Cats are said to have “nine lives” due to their ability to safely land on their feet during high falls, but what about dogs?

One miraculous story shows that dogs might have some extra lives of their own, after one pet survived a 170-plunge off a cliff alive and mostly unharmed.

According to a Facebook post from the Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team, in Kentucky, a dog named Tyson was chasing a lizard on Sunday near the edge of a cliff and accidentally fell, dropping 170 feet below.

His owner feared for the worst, and frantically called a rescue team to help.

The search-and-rescue team investigated the area, looking for the dog, but couldn’t find him.

But they did find a group of hikers, who told them they had seen a dog walking around in the area. They showed the team a photo — and they were amazed to learn that the dog was Tyson!

While the dog might’ve been presumed dead or at least badly injured, it turned out the dog was relatively fine. The post describes the team’s “absolute amazement” that the dog survived the plunge.

Relieved the dog was okay, it was just a matter of finding him. They split up to search the area for Tyson, and soon found him and reunited him with his owner.