Dog Walks Himself To The Vet Clinic To Seek Assistance


Igor Holanda, a veterinarian in Brazil, was working at his clinic when an unexpected guest walked in. It was just a dog on his own.

Holanda told The Dodo, “He strolled in quite quietly and paused.” “At first, we were perplexed. We glanced around to see whether he was accompanied by anyone, but we couldn’t see anyone.”

The dog, on the other hand, was not misplaced. He turned out to be a stray with a wound on his neck. And he’d discovered the right individuals to help him.

“We understood it was a call for help when we approached the animal,” Holanda added.

Of course, the dog didn’t have an appointment. Holanda, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to help him.


Holanda explained, “We brought him into the office, conducted a general clinical assessment, and then cleaned the wound.”


According to Holanda, the dog’s damage will require more treatment, but he is devoted to seeing him through to a complete recovery. The vet, after all, had been picked by the puppy himself to be the dog’s doctor.

“I feel privileged to be able to help,” Holanda said. “God led this animal to my clinic so that I might help him.”

Hopefully, the dog’s decision to visit the veterinarian will result in more than just a healthy body. Holanda is hopeful that his lonely days as a stray are coming to an end.

“His therapy will take a bit longer,” Holanda added, “but it will work.” “And, with God’s help, he’ll find someone to adopt him and provide him with the love and attention he deserves.”