Dog Who Lived On The Streets All His Life Is Terrified Of Doors In His New Home


When he was eventually rescued, his inherently timid nature and debilitating fear of enclosed structures turned out to be a major challenge. A woman decided to take him in as a foster, hoping that her black Pit Bull named Carlo would help him overcome his acute mental setbacks.

For the first few days in his foster home, Willie was extremely scared of everything indoors. He didn’t know how to use stairs and had to be carried out for his bathroom business. His dominant fear of doors was also very worrying. The terrorized boy just craved to be outdoors, but his need to be Carlo’s buddy got the better of him.

Willie looked up to Carlo from the very first day and badly wanted to impress his cool foster sibling.

However, Carlo was an uptight, rule-adhering dog, and Willie’s wild street ways and over-affectionate gestures confused him. It took Carlo a whole solid month to actually consider entertaining Willie’s friendly whims!

With Carlo’s hard-earned seal of approval, Willie magically felt accepted in the human setup! He gradually got used to cars, doors, stairs, belly rubs and yard play-dates – all pretty standard doggie stuff to other dogs.

Despite Willie’s progress, Carlo obsessively ensured that Willie blossomed into an obedient pet just like him!