Dog Won’t Go Anywhere Without His Dollar Store Blanket

Shauna Halstad will be the first to admit that her dog Flynn is a scaredy-cat.

The list of what the 110-pound Bernese mountain dog/Newfoundland mix is afraid of is seemingly endless. “He hates boxes, the dark, bags, he is afraid of our cat who is a toothless, clawless rescue,” Halstad told The Dodo. “He is pretty much afraid of his own shadow.”

But there is one thing that helps Flynn face his fears — his blanket.

For nearly a year and a half, Flynn’s fuzzy blankies have gone everywhere with him.

When Halstad first brought the little blanket home, she never anticipated that her big dog would grow so attached to it. “I picked one up at the dollar store — it was supposed to be for cleaning his paws,” Halstad said.


“He immediately decided it was his to cuddle. He started carrying it around nonstop and even wanted to take it on his walks.”

Dog brings his little blanket everywhereSHAUNA HALSTAD

“I had to go back and buy more,” she added. “He grabs it as soon as he wakes up and drags it all over the house and backyard.”

Scared dog loves his blanketSHAUNA HALSTAD

It may only be a piece of cloth a little bit larger than a dish towel — but to Flynn, it’s so much more.


The fuzzy blankets bring the fearful dog comfort and help him be brave enough to face the great outdoors. Even though Flynn is much bigger than the rabbits and squirrels who frequent his backyard, Flynn is terrified of them, and the blankets help him get up the courage to set paw in the grass.


“He protests having to walk without his blanket,” Halstad said. “He likes to hoard them into a pile.”


While Flynn loves his blankets, he loves his family even more and is an expert at giving cuddles. Whenever his family or dog brother need a little comfort — Flynn’s there.