Dog’s Owner Passes Away, And The 12-Year-Old Is Relegated To Life On A Chain

The neglect of a 12-year-old dog who was chained out back and forgotten about was reported to the authorities, and the poor boy was found with no food or water.

He had skin problems and no teeth, and he needed immediate care. It turned out the dog’s original owner passed away leaving him to an older adult who was unfit to have pets.

When a volunteer arrived to help, the dog seemed like he’d already given up long ago. He was unsure of what was happening, but he cooperated and allowed the rescuer to touch him and release the chain. This signaled a brand new beginning and a much better life to come!

They named him Roger and got him to the hospital right away.

The first order of business was to get him cleaned up. He hadn’t had a bath in who knows how long, and it showed. The dog was treated and fed before going on to live with a loving foster mom! He’s looking so good now and well on the road to recovery.