Doorbell Camera Captures Good Samaritan Saving Pets From House Fire


Many people get Ring doorbell cameras to scare away unwanted guests, record evidence of burglaries, and deter break-ins.

There are a lot of stories of the cameras being used for those purposes, but sometimes, they can be used for much greater things – like saving the lives of four animals.

That was recently seen in Scotts Valley, California when a Good Samaritan used a Ring doorbell system to rescue four pets from a burning house.

According to WTHR 13, an unidentified man was jogging in a neighborhood in the small town in Santa Cruz County when he noticed smoke coming from the garage of a home.

After approaching the home, he realized no one was home so he used the Ring doorbell to call the homeowner, Courtney Polito.


In the camera footage, you can hear the Good Samaritan saying, “Hello, do you see there’s smoke coming out of the top of your house?”


Once Polito was aware of the situation, she quickly gave the man her home security code so he could enter the house and save her four pets: two dachshunds, a rabbit, and a cat.

The man also called 911 so fire crews would be called the house and stop the fire from spreading. Because of his actions, not only was the family’s home saved, but all of the animals survived as well.

The home did sustain smoke damage, including damage to cabinets, Christmas presents, and a Chevy Blazer. Ultimately, the family is just happy things didn’t escalate further.

Speaking with WTHR 13, Polito said, “The fire department said 10 more minutes and the house would have been gone. I just want to thank [the Good Samaritan] so much and let him know how thankful we are. My kids, my husband, we would be devastated if we lost our pets, let alone our home.”