Every Day A Dog Walks 4 Miles Into Town To Say Hello To Everyone


Bruno, or The Wandering Dog, has been visiting Longville, Minnesota since he was a child.Larry LaVelle rescued him off the streets when a passer-by mistaken him for his dog 12 years ago, and Larry chose to keep him.Despite Larry’s best efforts, Bruno would not be readily tamed and preferred to go on adventures.

He had to grow used to people phoning him to claim they’d located his dog, only for him to tell them he was a “wanderer.”

He also had to get used to Larry telling the person on the other end of the telephone to let him go, which caused a lot of confusion.

Bruno was unlike other dogs in that he was fully capable of traveling large distances on his own.

Longville’s people finally became accustomed to seeing Bruno walking about.

The ice cream shop, city hall, library, and various grocery stores and office buildings where he would be welcomed with meat leftovers are among his favorite haunts.

He was so beloved by the residents of the town that he was given the title of “town Dog” and a wooden monument was created in his honor!