Every Day A Sweet Homeless Dog Enters A Cafe In Need Of Food


Dulci Barbosa is the proprietor of a cafe in Brazil that was forced to close owing to closures in the middle of the strict quarantine imposed by the current Covid-19 outbreak. But it didn’t stop him from serving food to a particularly unique café customer: a lovely homeless dog that comes in every day looking for meals.

They started bringing the wonderful puppy they named ‘Deneres’ to the cafe a year ago. Dulci is an animal enthusiast who lives with three rescued dogs. Because she is unable to welcome the dog into her house, she ensures that she always has a dish of food and a full stomach.

Credit: IG / DULCI.BARBOSA.391

Even after the epidemic has passed, the woman continues to come to the cafe every day to deliver food to Deneres.

According to Dulci, who spoke to The Dodo,

Credit: IG / DULCI.BARBOSA.391

She was never hungry. He couldn’t rely on anybody else but me.

Every day, a dog goes to a cafe in quest of food.

The woman was not only a source of food for the defenseless dog, but she was also her favorite person and the one she could most trust. Deneres was one of Dulci’s first customers when she reopened her café a few days earlier; the dog approached, wagging her tail excitedly to see her pal.

The lady had no idea where the dog slept at night, but she did observe that she was nursing a litter of pups, which, owing to the woman’s generosity, were indirectly helped by the nourishment her mother got on a regular basis.

Deneres felt comfortable and secure enough to present the children to her friend and benefactress a few days ago. He accompanied Dulci to meet her babies after breakfast.

“I’m overjoyed. Now is the time to save them and place them for adoption.
Dulci is currently bringing food to the mother and her cubs. The lady is well aware of how difficult it might be to locate a house for the children and the mother, as well as other necessities in their current location.

Credit: IG / DULCI.BARBOSA.391

Dulci goes to great lengths to ensure that this small family has a permanent home where they will be protected and never have to face troubles again.

Credit: IG / DULCI.BARBOSA.391

She is dedicated to Deneres and her babies and hopes to find them a permanent home where they will be secure at all times; she believes they deserve nothing less.