Evil Person Glued Mama Dog & Her Pups’ Mouths Shut While Owner Was Hospitalized

A mama dog and her puppies are on the mend after they were found with their mouths glued shut in Tennessee on the fourth of July.

It’s unknown who did this to them, but thankfully they were discovered by the neighbor while their owner was in the hospital.

They were immediately taken in by the Senior Dog Lodge And Animal Rescue in Sunbright, who quickly worked to remove all of the glue from their mouths.

“This is animal cruelty. It takes a sick person to do this!” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “If you know anything about this please contact her.”

Thankfully, the mom and all of her puppies are now safe and doing well. The ending could have been very different if it weren’t for the quick-thinking of the neighbors.

“If you know something, say something,” the rescue continued.

“People who are cruel to animals can often be a danger to people too, especially children.”