Family Discovers What Their Dog Does When She Thinks No One’s Watching

There’s no doubt this fluffy pup named Millie is a very good dog — well, when she chooses to be, anyway.Apparently, when Millie’s left home alone, all the rules go out the window.She thought it was her own little secret. But it’s a secret no longer.

Recently, Millie’s family set up a surveillance camera inside their home to keep tabs on the pup while they’re away. And on the first day of monitoring, they found out just what their dog gets up to.The answer? The kitchen table. Literally.Indeed, Millie was caught redhanded atop that no-no spot — and she wasn’t eager to leave it.


And just like that, Millie’s carefree days of anything-goes while home alone were over. And she seemed to know it.

Sure, it turns out that Millie does have a bit of rebelliousness in her. But she’s still a very good dog.