For His Dogs A Guy Converts A Spare Bedroom Into A Tiny Living Room

Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi are having a wonderful time. They have plenty of room to run and play, a father who adores them, and their own dog living room, which is finer than most ordinary living rooms.

When Ben Mazer was at work, he didn’t like leaving his gorgeous band of dogs alone in the house.

He was concerned that they might injure themselves or get into something they shouldn’t, so he converted his spare bedroom into their own living room, where they could hang out whenever he was gone for an extended period of time.

Mazer told The Dodo, “I wanted to establish an environment where they would feel comfortable remaining while I’m away.”

cute dogsBEN MAZER

The designs for the living area were initially straightforward. A few plants, some little sofas, and some artwork Extra in a non-obnoxious sense. Mazer, on the other hand, found himself wanting to add more and more as the space took shape, and he’d gone completely carried away in the greatest manner conceivable.

dog living roomBEN MAZER

For Mazer’s three little canines, the room now features a fish tank, a television, a fireplace, books, bookcases, a chandelier, end tables, and throw cushions – all in miniature.

dog living roomBEN MAZER

Mazer never gave Peaches, Challah, or Mitzi a big revelation when he showed them the chamber. They seen it all come together and have watched it evolve over time, and they are enthralled by each new installment. They’ll happily spend time in there when Dad is at work – and even when he’s at home.

dog living roomBEN MAZER

Mazer just decorated the room for the holidays, and it is now fully furnished. The area is always changing in small ways, and it has turned into a labor of love for him — and the dogs don’t seem to mind.