Frightened Dog Is Dumped In Church Parking Lot With Her 9 Puppies Without Looking Back

We have all heard or seen instances of people abandoning animals, but every single time it surprises us how heartless people can be.

About a month ago, someone dumped a 5-year old boxer in the parking lot of North Side Baptist Church in Abilene. But the dog was not alone. Right next to her, there were nine 2-week old puppies.

The dog mama was frightened and in desperate need of help to save her puppies that would definitely die if left there. But, luckily, while there are horrible people out there abandoning and abusing animals. there are also kind and generous ones who are willing to help such innocent souls.

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When a picture of the dog and her puppies was posted on social media, Mistie Boerger of Paw Angel Animal Rescue knew she had to help them.

Mistie Boerger and Angel Urban rushed to the spot and collected the poor animals. They put them in the back seat of their car and took them with them.
“I just don’t know how someone could do that, leaving momma and two week old babies,” said Boerger.

Source: Facebook

Indeed, it is so disturbing to think that the person who abandoned them didn’t care to take them to a shelter, but they preferred to just leave them there, exposed to all kinds of dangers.

The mom, a boxer mix, was found to be in need of medical attention, so she was taken to the vet. Unfortunately, one of her puppies, too, was diagnosed with a disease. The little one had a tumor in its throat and it had to be euthanized.

After a few days, the mother and the surviving puppies were all healthy and happy in their temporary foster home. Boerger decided to foster them for a while until they fully recovered and then give them away to a more permanent foster family.

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“They will be staying with me for two weeks and then moved to a permanent foster. They will placed for adoption after they have been spayed and neutered and mom is spayed,” she wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, the rescue calculated the cost of food and supplies for the animals, which amounted to $2,500, and asked for donations in order to be able to cover these costs.

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“It’s looking like the total cost to get all ten dogs all the way to September and adoption will be around 2500,” Robert Sudbury, another staff member commented on the Facebook post.

People have already donated more than $1,000, but they are still sending donations as more money may be needed in case medical complications arise, as it is often the case with rescue animals.

Source: Facebook

The rescue staff keep posting updates and lots of pictures of the nine dogs on their Facebook page, attracting the attention of the public, who are praising Paw Angel staff for their great work!

“Mistie Boerger you are my hero. Poor babies and mom,” someone wrote.

Indeed, anyone who saves an abandoned or struggling animal is a capeless hero and should be treated as such.
We are glad the puppies were lucky enough to be found and rescued and we are sure there is a great life ahead of them!