German shepherd puppy rescued after being tied-up in garbage bag

Aaron Kaatz wasn’t expecting to get a new puppy when he left a friend’s house recently. But while walking in a back lane in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he heard faint whim.pering coming from a gar.bage bag.

The bag was tied shut and sitting next to a dumpster Kaatz told CBC News.

He was nervous about what he might find inside but when he ripped the bag open he was shocked to find a German Shepherd puppy. The puppy was dirty, freezing cold and very scared.

“I was speechless at first,” he told the Canadian news station. “There was a whole bunch of mixed emotions.

I was glad I was there to rescue it, but I was mad that it was thrown away in a garbage bag just left there to die.”

Aaron took the puppy to his car and wrapped her in a blanket and warmed her up. He then took her home and gave her a bath. She did not have any tags or ID so he gave her a name – Elle.

Aaron has since been in touch with the local animal humane society. Aaron says she’s absolutely perfect and that he plans on keeping her. He said, “She just falls right into your arms and she just wants to be loved.”