German Shepherd Realizes Owner Isn’t Behind Him Anymore

Dogs are famous for their loyalty, and the person they’re typically most loyal to is their owner. Dogs love their owners fiercely and unconditionally, and they like being with their humans as much as possible.

When a man decided to play a prank on his dog and hide when they were on their daily walk, the poor little guy got into such a state about where his owner had got to!

Thankfully, after a few seconds of fretful searching, the dog discovers his owner hiding behind a tree, and he immediately relaxes again. The man captured the adorable moment on video, and we just had to share it with you.

The hilarious video was posted onto YouTube by Golden Mango, and it became instantly viral with over 30million views, as well as thousands of likes and comments.

And after watching it for ourselves, we can certainly see what all the fuss was about.

Source: YouTube

The sweet clip begins with the man and his dog walking along the sidewalk. The video is filmed from the man’s point of view, and as he walks we can see his German Shepherd walking along happily in front of him. Despite not being on a leash, the obedient dog doesn’t stray too far from his owner, and he occasionally turns behind him to check that the man is still following.
As the dog turns to look ahead of him again, the man takes the opportunity to pull the perfect prank, and hides behind a nearby tree. He then waits to see what will happen when his dog notices.

Source: YouTube

A few seconds go by before the dog turns around again, and you can see that he is immediately surprised to see that his owner is no longer following him.

The sweet German Shepherd looks as if his whole world is crumbling down on him as he searches for his dad.
His pitiful look reminds us of when we were children who lost our moms in the supermarket. We’ll never forget the feeling of panic that ran through our heads back then!

Source: YouTube

The dog starts a slow walk back the way he came from, still with the dejected expression on our face.
It’s almost getting too much for us to bear, but just as our hearts are starting to break for the little guy, he discovers his owner behind the tree!

Despite the fact that he has just been pranked, the dog is instantly overjoyed to see his owner again, and all is forgiven. He happily runs over to the man and his tail begins to wag again. His ears, which were drooping down in sadness before, are now pricked and alert again, and if dogs could smile, then this little fella certainly would be.

Source: YouTube

One joked:
“My dog would’ve been across the country before he noticed.”
Many people also expressed a negative opinion to the prank, suggesting that it was cruel to play that kind of trick on a dog.
“That’s not even funny I felt so bad for him he looked so sad,” one person said.