Giant Pitbull Hulk’s New Litter Estimated To Be Worth Half A Million

Hulk is the world’s largest pit bull. He is a cross between a bull terrier and an American pit bull. Due to his monstrous size, his loving owner named him after one of the strongest and largest superheroes.

Hulk weighs a whopping 173.4 pounds even though he is only 17-months old.

He is expected to grow even more in the future. And recently he became the lucky father of an adorable litter of eight new puppies.Hulk’s mix and size make for a valuable litter. In fact, his eight puppies are valued at a stunning $500,000.Marlon is Hulk’s trainer, owner, and breeder.

He commented that this litter is the most valuable which the organization has ever come across. He continued to explain that these dogs could be trained to protect their owners for an even greater evaluation.

In less than seven weeks, the dogs will start separating from the others in the litter. This will make it easier to determine how big each will become. Hulk had a previous litter that sold for $30,000. This time, the giant’s litter will be sold for a total of $500,000.

Even though Hulk currently holds the record as the largest pit bull in the world, it’s quite possible that one of his children could break that record. Hulk’s bloodline is so famous and sought after that a majority of the puppies have already been sold.

Currently, Hulk is receiving training in New Hampshire at Dark Dynasty K9s to become a dog that offers protection services. He eats a whopping 4 pounds of beef each day.

Despite his intimidating size and strength, Hulk is loving and friendly. The training center’s owners even let the giant play with their young child because they trust Hulk so much.

Marlon’s wife Lisa has said that Hulk is proof that pit bulls can be one of the best dogs in the world when they are balanced and gentle. None of their dogs have ever bitten Jordan, their child.

Marlon and Lisa make sure that he is never in a position where that could happen.