Girl Is Posing In Mirror And Busts Into Cute Dances Moves A Split Second Later

Kids just want to have one. It’s true that they don’t have the judgment of what’s right and wrong, and sometimes they land themselves into trouble over the things they’ve done, but they’re seriously just looking to have a good time. And can we blame them? All children want to do is take part in an activity that makes them happy and leads them to share a fun moment with those around them.

That’s the reason I put nail polish all over my baby brother’s face one time, while my mom wasn’t looking—to me he looked like a funny clown with all that color on his face. Hey, you can’t blame me!

It’s also true that growing up, we all have different hobbies. There are different things that make us happy as children and not one child is the same as the next.

For someone like me, I enjoyed my time bike riding and being outdoors, especially when the sprinkler was running on a hot afternoon! My brother loved (and still does!) staying indoors and playing videos games — how boring! But, that’s the whole point — to each their own.

Let’s take this little girl in the video as another example. She’s all about having fun and being happy. And what is it that makes her happy? Dance! But, a bit of dancing while wearing mom’s high heels.

Take it from me when I say that dancing in heels is a feat and I’m sure everyone at home is quite impressed with her after watching this video. She seems to be busting each move with confidence, and you can see it all on her face. It’s quite evident that midway through the video the little girl just starts enjoying the tapping of the heels on the floor. So adorable!

I remember dancing to my favorite songs in my parents’ room in front of a giant mirror! I could do it all day. I would wear my favorite dress, and even do a few outfit changes in between (pretending like I was performing at a concert), and have the tunes on replay. But, although I was changing dresses and tops, and bottoms, there was no way I was ever wearing heels to bust a move. So, this little girl is a champion for that reason, and more, of course!