‘Going above and beyond for our customers’: Grocery store driver goes searching for customer’s lost dog


We always love hearing stories about everyday people who go above-and-beyond to help animals. When one woman’s dog went missing, an unexpected hero stepped up to save the day.

The story comes from the supermarket chain Asda, who highlighted the kind actions of one of their employees in a Facebook post.

Kaya, a shopping driver for the store, noticed one of his customers was upset. He found out her dog had just run off.

Immediately, the 19-year-old got into his work van and began driving around the neighborhood, trying to locate the woman’s missing shih tzu.

While he probably never expected searching for a lost dog to be part of the day’s delivery routine, he was happy to go above-and-beyond to help: as an owner of two dogs himself, he understood how important it was to bring this pet home safe and sound.


Luckily, he didn’t have to search long: he found the dog just a few blocks away, and returned the shi tzu to its very grateful owner.

“The customer was so chuffed that Kaya had managed to find her dog,” said Karen, the store’s online trader, in Asda’s Facebook post. “It was amazing service and a real example of going above and beyond for our customers.”

The post has now gone viral, with over 200 shares in just a few hours and hundreds of comments praising the employee’s actions.

:Such a nice guy to do that for her,” one comment reads. “Amazing… deserves a medal.”

“Well done lad, another example of kindness and community spirit.”