Hunter Deemed His Deaf & Blind Dog Useless, Dumped Her When She Needed Him Most


After working for her hunter owner her whole life, Lila is now deaf and almost completely blind. When her owner felt she was no longer useful, he threw her away like trash when she needed him most.
Sadly, Lila has a serious heart condition, and would have ended up dying.

She was found wandering among moving cars, but thankfully Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers stopped traffic and got her before anything bad happened.

She is so malnourished that she is completely skin and bones. She has worked her whole life and now she is worn out and tired and deserves a good, relaxing life.

She is now being closely monitored at Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, where she will receive top-notch care as vets continue to try to save her life.

Once she is fully recovered, she will most likely be available for adoption so she can live out the rest of her days with a loving family.