Irish President’s Dog Joins Interview And Totally Steals The Show

Misneach is a sweet Bernese mountain dog that is one of Irish President Michael D. Higgins’ favorites.

Misneach, as the country’s “first pup,” may not have much power in terms of policy or politics. Nonetheless, when it comes to pleading for his owner’s attention, he’s a seasoned pro.

The other day, President Higgins was addressing the media in an interview, joined by Misneach at his side, when the big, fluffy pup decided the focus had been off of him for just about long enough.

Undeterred by the cameras and reporters present, Misneach began pawing at Higgins as if to tell him to wrap things up.

The dog wanted undivided attention. And he wanted it now.

From the looks of it, Higgins is no stranger to Misneach’s attention-seeking ways; the president doesn’t miss a beat as his dog cajoles him. But Higgins might be the only one who was unswayed by the effort.

The scene above has since gone viral, clearly for its cuteness — proving that Ireland’s “first dog” isn’t letting his position go to waste.