Kitten Befriends Family Cat And Determined To Win Her Over And Be Her Little Shadow


A ginger kitten befriended a family cat and was determined to win her over.

Earlier this year, a little kitten named Cheese stepped paw into her new home and was ready to take the world by storm. Her human mom Jennifer Kubba had two other cats. The kitten was instantly smitten with them, especially the rescued mixed Siamese, Hank.

The kitten was very persistent from the get-go. She walked right up to her new friend Hank for a few sniffs and decided that she would follow her everywhere around the house.

The cat was a bit hesitant and unsure about the newcomer and wanted some space to herself, but the kitten had a different idea.

Cheese was initially met with a few swats but that didn’t deter her. The little bundle of fur wouldn’t take no for an answer and was more determined than ever.

Hank quickly found herself being closely followed by a little ginger shadow, no matter if she was in the kitchen, the bedroom or the cat tree.

The little ball of energy would pop out of nowhere and tried to play with her new big sister. “Cheese never stops meowing and running around,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

Just when Hank decided to turn in for a quick nap on her favorite perching spot, she was disturbed by the pesky little kitten who came running and wanted a share of her “throne”.

The ginger girl was not giving up and tried to get involved in almost everything Hank did. After a few days of unwavering determination, the kitten started to grow on the cat.

Hank turned to Cheese one day and gave her a face wash. It made her the happiest kitten in the world. In no time, the two were chasing each other around the house.

Sweet Hank realized that resistance was futile when she was up against such an insistent kitten like Cheese. They started sharing beds together and watching the day go by through the windows.

Cheese quickly made herself comfortable in the big bed, hogging the most comfy spot that once belonged to Hank.

Now, Hank is never alone when she lies down in the window hammock as her clingy little friend will quickly curl up next to her.

The kitten makes sure that her best friend is always within eyesight and will seek her out if she wanders off too far.

Every time, Hank is on her way to the cat tree, Cheese will race her to the top. Wherever Hank goes, the kitten quickly follows.

If Hank wants attention from her human mom, Cheese seems to be two steps ahead and is always the first to get a dose of mom’s love and pets.

Cheese is a little rascal in the house but she looks up to her big sister, always wanting to know what she is doing.

The kitten has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two months. She’s no longer that tiny ball of fur and has blossomed into a gorgeous young cat.

Cheese will enjoy her first holiday season with her big family. Already, the little rascal has successfully stolen a few ornaments from the Christmas tree.

Now, the window hammock is all filled out by the two buddies. Cheese is living the best life with the family of her dreams.