Kitty With Two Legs Wouldn’t Let Anything Stop Him From Being Happy


A cat with a disability sometimes has no idea that they are different from other cats. They are often as cheerful, playful, and inquisitive as any other feline. Able Maew didn’t have a smooth start in life. He was discovered living on Thailand’s streets.

He was in poor shape after hunting prey and being electrocuted from a near-fatal fall onto an electric transformer. His front legs and tail were not saved, but thanks to a human who took a chance on him, he was able to adapt to his new life.

He now lives happily indoors with his feline housemates, where he is spoiled and adored.

Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, a Siamese mix cat who was born without her two front legs and only has a little bob tail but that doesn’t slow her down one bit.