Listen To This Adorable Chihuahua Sing A Love Song To Her Grandpa

It doesn’t matter which language you speak; love songs are the universal language of affection. Even if you can’t understand the language, the emotion behind the words will speak to your heart.

So, when this 6-year-old doggy’s grandpa sings the songs he makes up for his precious Beanie, it’s no surprise that the adorable little chi sings right along as she lays sweetly on his lap.

They are riding in the car and she’s dressed up in her adorable pink and blue paisley dress. She seems to know she is the apple of grandpa’s eye and could not be more content than to bask in the love she’s being showered with.

As he sings to her, she blinks her eyes, shifts her ears back, and then, with the cutest little howling voice,

she belts out the most adorable tune right back to her abuelo.