Little Girl Sees Deaf Dog Walk By Her House Every Day, Has To Have Him

A foster named Thom came across this scrawny, hairless stray pup who was deaf and took him under his wings. When he brought the dog home, the exhausted puppy crashed for about a day and a half. Moz was a little in shock, but he eventually showed trust in his foster dad.

The other dogs took to him and helped him break out of his shell, and this was only the beginning.

Thom walked Moz every day, and they would pass by this house with a little girl who’d greet them through the window. She did this every day, and it became their routine! Lillian even went outside to meet them and say hello, and she hit it off with Moz right away!

The dog also showed a strong affection for her, and Thom could see where this was heading. He let the two-year-old girl watch the pup one day, and they were perfect together! The dogsitting really solidified that these two needed to be together.

Lillian basically convinced her mom that they needed to adopt Moz! The moment the puppy got his final vaccination, Thom got the leash out and made the walk two blocks away to Moz’s forever home. Amazing!