Little Girl Sneaks Horse Back Into Her Bedroom To Have A Party

A little girl named KK and her horse, Sauce, are both five years old and best pals! The Phillips family got the horse at two years of age, and the two hit it off right away and became inseparable friends. Sauce stays out in the yard but will come to KK’s window each morning to kick off the day!

And Mom, Ashlie Phillips, has a firm rule of allowing the horse in the house sometimes but never outside of the living room. But like all partners in crime, these two are constantly pushing boundaries and bending rules!

One day, Mom wondered what was going on and followed the noise through the house.

Source: Ashlie Phillips/The Dodo

And that’s when she walked into KK’s bedroom to see a little party taking place. Unbelievable! She was disappointed but found it impossible to stay mad considering her little girl had somehow snuck a huge horse all the way back there.