Lost, newborn fawn approaches little girl – now, people are calling her the “deer whisperer”

Some people just have a way with animals. Maya seems to be a natural deer whisperer.

Five-year-old Maya Herring and her family had just got back from a family canoe trip, when something amazing happened.

A newborn deer walked across their yard. The fawn kept on approaching the family, apparently showing no fear of the humans. Then the animal started acting even stranger.

When the deer got nearer to the family, she started moving closer to Maya in particular.

Maya got close to the ground, and the baby took the final steps to be right next to her.

Maya pet the deer for a while. The little creature was clearly enjoying being around the child. But why had it approached them in the first place?

Source: Brad Herring/YouTube

The Herring family soon worked out that the baby must have gotten lost from her mother. So they all walked together to the woods nearby their home. The baby deer followed the family. Maya took the lead, helping the baby deer retrace her tracks.

Eventually, the baby deer found a place in the woods where she was comfortable.

Source: Brad Herring/YouTube

She sat down. Maya’s mom and dad went to their home and back to the spot again to give the animal some food and water.

Maya and the rest of the family then left the baby deer, hoping that the food and water would help her until her mother came back.

Source: Brad Herring/YouTube

Over the next few days, the Herring family kept a lookout for the baby deer and her family. Luckily, it wasn’t long until they saw two adult deer and two baby deer all together in their yard.

They were pretty sure that one of the babies was the same one that had come up to Maya. It looks like the baby found her family again.