Loving Dog Patiently Waited For His Owner At The Bus Stop Every Day

Dogs are said to be man’s best friends for a reason. They are naturally loyal creatures who adore us unconditionally, and their affection is definitely one of the purest, most beautiful things that we could ever witness in our entire life.

Meet Bal Bal, a cute Pomeranian who loves his Granny more than anything in this world.

Granny once saved Bal Bal after he accidentally hurt his head by banging it against a car, and from that moment on, the loving dog just couldn’t leave this kind-hearted lady’s side.

Every day, when Granny had to leave their village for a while, the sweet pup walked her to the bus stop, patiently waited for her there until she was back, and then accompanied her on their way home again.

Sometimes he just became too excited and moved a bit too fast, but he never forgot to turn back to check if she was lagged behind.

Screenshot, SBS TV

Bal Bal never wanted to be left alone at home whenever Granny went out. Even when he was trapped in her vinyl greenhouse, the mischievous boy could be able to escape in the blink of an eye. Such a smart floof!

Screenshot, SBS TV

Yes, as much as Bal Bal’s habit was adorable and all, it’s pretty dangerous. There’s a good chance that he would be hit by a car while wandering outside, not to mention the weather could be extremely harsh sometimes. It seemed like this little boy had separation anxiety and it wasn’t easy to fix that.

Screenshot, SBS TV

So, with the help of an expert, Granny began to train her dog to wait for her at home. The main purpose of the training was to help Bal Bal understand that he didn’t need to follow her, that he just needed to sit at a certain spot and then she would always come back.

Screenshot, SBS TV

Thankfully, their plan worked. Even though Granny was a little sad that he didn’t escort her anymore, she could always rest assured that her beloved boy was safe at home waiting for her. Isn’t it great?