Mama Dog Carried Her 12 Puppies Safe Safely In A Tunnel To Wait For Help

Idaho Humane Society received an alert regarding a mama dog and her 12 puppies who had been living on their own in a culvert (storm drain) in Jerome County.

Since the babies were only two to three weeks old, rescuers knew they had to get them out safely and as quickly as possible to ensure their survival.

Trapping Catching South Central Idaho Assistance arrived at the scene to help rescue the mom and babies.Phillip Wallace climbed deep into the small culvert to reach all of them.The mom, now named Queen, was in dire need of veterinary care.

Idaho Humane Society/Facebook

She is now being treated for mastitis and an ulcerated nipple.

Idaho Humane Society/Facebook

Queen and all 12 of her puppies were also covered in fleas, which they are being treated for now as well.

Idaho Humane Society/Facebook

This adorable family will be going to foster care as the Humane Society monitors their progress and continues their medical care until they’re ready to find their forever homes.