Mama Dog Chases After The Truck That Took Her Puppies


A dog rescuer named Karlee was alerted to a situation by some friends a few litter of puppies living under a wood pile at a construction site that was within the process of being demolished.

Locals had tried pulling the pups out, but they were very scared. So Karlee began to assist and placed some food and water to lure them out.

So the man loaded up the pups in his truck and began the ten minute drive to Karlee’s house. And what does one know, mama followed the whole way!
They’d need to make frequent stops over the several-mile trip to offer her water breaks, but it figured out within the end.

Finally reception , it’d take a few week for the mother to urge comfortable enough to truly enter the house. But when she did, she was happy to relax together with her young ones!

This just goes to point out the desire of a mother to travel the space to try to to whatever necessary for her offspring.