Man Was Boggled When His Healthy Black Labrador Began Turning White

When you look at old pictures of ten-year-old Blaze, he looks just like any other black Labrador retriever. But if you look at photos of him from now, you wouldn’t even think he was the same dog.

Blaze is a healthy and happy dog who loves to play and explore the outdoors with his owner, Santeri Frilander, where they reside in Finland.

When he first turned nine, his owner discovered a white spot that appeared on his ear.Over the course of a few months, more and more white spots began to appear all over his body.His owner was confused and worried, so he brought Blaze to the vet to get some answers.

He then learned that Blaze has Vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin or fur to lose pigmentation over time.

Thankfully, this only affects appearance and doesn’t affect overall health.

Blaze’s Vitiligo has earned him Internet fame after his owner posted a photo of him on Facebook.

After Blaze’s rise to fame, Frilander created an Instagram account for him, so people could follow along with Blaze’s adventures.