Meet Chico, A Handsome Police Dog In Full Uniform For His K9 Official Badge Photo


If you are looking for the best pics of loyal and courageous police dogs, you’ve been in the right place. The police dog Chico in this story will grasp the eyes of millions with his look. The police officer wears full uniform for his official K9 official badge photo and becomes so handsome. Keep scrolling!

Chico is a K9 officer with Florida’s Orange County sheriff’s office. He and other staffers were required to wear their more formal attire to take their official portrait. And Chico joined seriously.

The new K9 member put on his full uniform. He even wore a tie for the photo to make it as formal as possible.

He successfully showed everyone else how it’s done. And as you can see, Chico is a handsome police dog.

According to the sheriff’s office, Chico is a strong and trustful German shepherd. He’s 5 and a half, and has cooperated with the OCSO for about 4.5 years.

He works as a patrol dog and also a drug K9. Currently, Chico is living with his handler and his family.