Missing 3-year-old boy found safe in family dog

The Florida family went through their worst nightmare when their autistic son, 3-year-old Marshal Butler, suddenly disappeared from the family home. “We panicked,” the boy’s aunt Kayla Stewart told WJHG / WECP, recalling “all sorts of worst-case scenarios [were] horrific situations, complicated by the fact that Marshal, being autistic, could not speak or communicate, was even more confusing. and worried his family.

The only small consolation was that the boy disappeared along with Nala and Grechka, two faithful family dogs. In this regard, the disappearance of the boy triggered a desperate search, in which all the neighbors participated, who quickly dispersed and searched the area, and “The boy was last seen.


He was only wearing a diaper, “the officers wrote on Facebook, adding that they will be bringing in K9 teams to help find.” “You were terrified,” recalls Stewart. Later that day, Marshal was found unharmed by a neighbor.

Carol Shelton found the boy, covered in mud, but unharmed, a mile from her house, accompanied by Nal and Buckwheat on duty. next to him.

They were there with him, ”the neighbor recalled.“[We are] grateful that the cubs guided him, I think they saved him.

The Marshal’s family was happy to bring their son home safely and very proud. He is proud of his faithful fur family. ” their job, ”said the boy’s grateful mother.