Mom Completely Loses It After Her Puppy Starts ‘Talking Like A Human’

According to his human mother, Ramsey is a very special canine. He is a puppy who just loves to communicate with his human owners in a very different manner than the average dog. This little Husky doesn’t whine and bark the way other dogs do. No, he sounds like he is using actual human language to talk!

You’ll be amazed at what it sounds like when you hear the video for yourself. As he curls up happily in his mom’s lap, he sounds just like a human child.

We couldn’t believe our ears the first time we witnessed this funny video. We can see why his mother could not stop laughing. How would you feel if you had to deal with a talking puppy? We bet you would laugh just as much!

We would probably be out of breath from all the laughing that would occur if we witnessed this first-hand. Ramsey has a lot to say in his own special language. It sounds as if he really wishes to get his point across to the humans around him.

His mother laughs and laughs as Ramsey continues his tirade. She struggles at times to keep a straight face, but we know just how hard it has to be for her. She is trying just as hard as we are to figure out just what Ramsey is saying to her. Do you have any ideas?

Some people say that it sounds as if he is asking for a banana, but what puppy actually wants a banana to eat? Maybe he is asking for a treat or his blanket. We may never know!

We envy this mother for sure. She will never have a dull moment with Ramsey by her side. We all love talking to our pets as they follow us around the house. However, this Mom actually gets to hear a real response from her dog!