Mom’s Blood Sugar Is Low So Her Service Dog Brings Her Juice – Then She Decides To Go For Extra Credit


When Abbey Karnes’ blood sugar dropped, she requested her diabetes alert dog, Darby, to go bring her a drink of water, which Darby dutifully did. Karnes was ecstatic because she did precisely what she was supposed to do in such scenario. Darby was delighted with herself as well, so much so that she chose to repeat the process.

Darby dashed to the kitchen to bring Karnes another juice, despite the fact that she already had one. Karnes complimented her, despite the fact that she didn’t require two juices, and after a little break, Darby returned to the kitchen to repeat the process.

Darby might have been concerned about her mother’s low blood sugar and decided it was better to be safe than sorry, or she could have had another reason for getting all the liquids.

Karnes stated on the video she released on TikTok, “She wanted to test if she could receive more rewards by giving me more fluids.”

Regardless of her hidden reasons, Darby appeared sincere in her concern about her mother, and giving her the juice was the only way she knew how to help her. Karnes was finally able to reassure Darby that she didn’t require any more juices after five. One juice was more than plenty for her, and she’d be fine.

Darby grudgingly agreed with her mother and stopped getting juices, but remained by her side in case she changed her mind. Darby understands how to do her job as a diabetes alert dog and does it well — she even goes above and beyond on occasion.