New City Law Would Ban The Sale Of Breeder Puppies From Pet Stores

A new ordinance proposed in the city of San Antonio would ban pet stores from selling cats and dogs obtained through breeders and puppy mills. Under this law, only animals from rescue organizations, shelters, and animal control agencies would be permitted to be sold.

A first time penalty in violation of this ban would cost store owners a minimum of $500. The ordinance is seen by supporters as a way to put an end to large-scale, commercial dog breeding. Puppies are born into this cruel practice in unsanitary conditions, and dog parents are bred around the clock never getting the chance to be family pets.

Source: KSAT News

A local pet store owner, Jessica Loven, is already threatening a move outside of city limits to avoid the law and continue on with business as usual.

Source: KSAT News

The ordinance will first have to pass through city council. What are your thoughts on this? Should the policy be brought forward for discussion in more cities? Let’s hear it in the comment section.