Nosy Dog Does Spiderman Moves To See Who Is On The Other Side Of His Wall

Some dogs are simply nosy and have to see everything that’s happening in their neighborhood. One of those nosy (and most adorable) dogs is named Max, who was recently adopted from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. Sam and Kelly Tolson told local press they get a lot of heads turned towards their property as people walk by.

Everyone thinks the cute pooch is jumping up and down on a trampoline, but that isn’t the case at all.

“We just see him pop up every now and then,” stated the Tolson’s neighbor, Nancy. “We’re just amazed because we thought, you know, he’s on the trampoline, he’s just jumping so high.”

It turns out Max’s “sister dog” won’t let him look through the gate, so Max found an ingenious way to work around that. He is a very talented and high jumper, so whenever someone strolls by his property, he leaps like he has springs attached to his paws. People on the other side of the wall separating Max from “the world” see his cute face peeking up at them before he suddenly disappears.

“We had we got such a kick out of it that we filmed it and I posted it on my Facebook and it just went viral,” said Sarah, a neighbor who posted Max’s high-jumping talents online. “Everybody messaged me saying how much they love this dog and how happy his face was jumping. And it’s just the cutest thing.”