Off The Coast Of Norway The Largest Orca Pod Ever Photographed

Hundreds of killer whales have congregated off the coast of Norway in this stunning sight. An expedition boat unintentionally observed the big pod, which numbered at least 300 members, and the film left everyone perplexed.

Given that orcas normally stay in small groups, such a big number of them naturally raises some doubts.

A wildlife guide was the first to see the enormous pod. At first glance, everyone assumed they were members of the same family, but as their numbers grew greater and larger, they abandoned the notion.

When the mating season begins, orcas congregate in great numbers.

Despite the fact that these nimble sea critters are very secretive about their mating practices, such a massive assembly has never been witnessed before.

The high number of marine birds fleeing over eventually leaked information about the orcas’ odd behavior.

They also discovered that a fishing fleet was close by. So these starving orcas have all swum that way for one reason: to eat. These waters are rich in herring, which is a favored food of orcas. As a result, when the fishing season starts, enormous groups of orcas congregate here.

This was, however, the first time such a large pod has been photographed!