On A Remote Dirt Road A Cyclist Notices A Helpless Puppy Abandoned

Damian Macchi, a cross-country cycling enthusiast from Argentina, never expected to save a life while out on a normal training ride last week.

Macchi was speeding down a rural dirt road several miles from town when he noticed a little animal moving in the vegetation out of the corner of his eye.

Macchi told The Dodo, “I spotted something rushing from the weeds.”After continuing on his route for a short while, Macchi became concerned. He decided to turn back and have a better look at what he’d observed at that point. And it’s for the best that he did.

The thing Macchi discovered was, indeed, a puppy that had been abandoned and left to die by some horrible person.


The small puppy seemed ecstatic to have been discovered.

Macchi’s usual training ride had now morphed into a rescue operation.

He snatched the poor puppy into his arms and carried him back to his house.

Thankfully, the dog had nearly spared the dreadful destiny that awaited her alone there.

Macchi’s interest, aside from riding, is rescuing animals in need; in fact, he’s been engaged in scores of rescues. So, after taking the dog to the doctor for a checkup, he told his fellow animal-loving followers about his experience on social media.


Apart from tick treatment, Juanita is doing well now, according to Macchi, a far cry from the miserable situation she was in when he discovered her.

He thinks that if word of Juanita’s story spreads, it may inspire others who have unwanted dogs to attempt to find them a new home rather than abandoning them all together.


Macchi remarked, “She’s delighted with her new family.” “I want others to know that they should not give up.”