Owner Allows Their Pit Bulls To Be Put Down, But 88-Year-Old Neighbor Says “No”


Zeek and Izzy are 2 Pit Bulls who had the misfortune of having a very neglectful and uncaring owner.

The emaciated dogs were never fed by their owner, so they often ventured out looking for food. Their 88-year-old neighbor and her daughter would always feed and care for the dogs. Soon, the dogs left their abusive home and began lurking around the neighbor’s home.


One day, the animal control of the city saw the 2 dogs wandering and took them away. The officers later contacted the dogs’ actual owner, but the person shrugged off responsibility and refused to care for Izzy and Zeek. Seeing the emaciated state of the 2 dogs and the space scarcity at the shelter, the animal control officers put them on the kill list.


When the elderly neighbor heard about Izzy and Zeek’s troubles, she immediately instructed her daughter to rescue the duo. The daughter managed to arrive at the shelter in the nick of time and the dogs smiled when they saw the kind woman who always looked out for them! Thanks to the woman’s timely intervention, the dogs were pulled from the kill list!

We are so glad that these caring and charitable neighbors stepped up when the dogs’ own family abandoned them.

The neighbors have agreed to foster the dogs till they find proper forever homes, and Izzy and Zeek are already looking healthy in their foster home! We hope they have a better future ahead of them.