Owners Toss Puppy Out Of Moving Car, Puppy Wonders Why His Fractures Hurt So Much

A couple of motorists in Winnipeg witnessed the most horrific sight when an 8-week-old Shepherd-cross puppy was thrown out of a moving car.

The car sped away while the puppy suffered multiple fractures on impact. One of the motorists rescued the puppy and brought him to Manitoba Animal Alliance.

The puppy, now named Hunter, was taken in for emergency surgery for a crushed back leg and other fractures. Hunter survived the surgery, but was uncomfortable with extreme pain for the next few days. He has now been put on heavy pain medication.

Hunter has started to slowly come out of his shell and interact with his caretakers. He is expected to recover, but his surgery costs and rehabilitation expenses have put a strain on the shelter’s resources.


The officers have assured that they are working on finding Hunter’s owners. It is disturbing to think that some heartless owners have the guts to throw away puppies like trash with zero conscience. Let’s spread the word and help the cops locate the shameless owners who caused Hunter so much pain.