Pair Of Heroic Dogs Risk Everything To Save Their Owner’s Lives

Some stories make headlines now and then about a dog who saves his owner’s life. Samantha is one of those dogs, and her owner is thanking his precious pup for intervening to get him help recently. It sounds like a scene out of a Lassie movie where a dog goes for help and barks at a stranger to come and help their owner.

It all began when a woman in Limington, Maine, called police after hearing “someone yelling” in the woods behind her home. The yelling turned out to be a dog barking over and over. When the police officers saw and heard the dog, Samantha hurriedly led them to a location where her owner had fallen and was injured.

That’s where officers found an 84-year-old legally blind man in a brook.

The man had accidentally fallen while trying to place Samantha in a dog run. There at the brook, the poor man was unable to get out and was suffering from hypothermia. He was so cold that his internal body temperature clocked in at 84 degrees. The man will be fine, and his heroic dog is the reason he is alive today.

Not to be outdone, another dog recently performed a lifesaving act in California. When 88-year-old Gwendola Johnson fell to the ground outside her home, her dog, Sandy, ran for help when a delivery man came near the home. Sandy barked at the man who followed the dog to her injured owner.

Dogs are amazing heroes who deserve all the love and attention! Congratulations and great job, Sandy and Samantha!