People Discover A Dog Wearing A Collar With A Message In A Bottle

A German shepherd mix named Roadie was wandering the streets of Franklin, Indiana, unsure of where to go.

She couldn’t find her way home, so she sat down under a tree and waited for help. A kind passerby spotted the dog and noticed a message in a bottle attached to her collar.

They phoned Johnson County Animal Control Director Michael Delp, who rushed to pick her up and return her to the shelter. The message on Roadie’s collar revealed that she was previously adored by her family, but that her father had to let her go after losing his job and home owing.

Fortunately, Roadie was in excellent condition — she was joyful, lively, and full of energy — but she still required a home.

“When I read the note, [I felt] two emotions: one, if it is legit, my heart goes out to that individual,” Delp told The Dodo. “If it was not legit, [I felt] anger that someone would manufacture an excuse to abandon their dog that was designed to elicit sympathy.”


“As it turns out, from our investigation, the note was completely legit,” Delp said. “We were able to ascertain who the owner was and get that individual the help that was desperately needed.”

On Saturday, Jeremy Pell was reading the local news when he came across the sad story of Roadie’s abandonment. He had been seeking for a dog to train in search and rescue for months as the chief of the White River Township Fire Department and a reserve sheriff deputy, and Roadie looked perfect.


“I opened up the news and saw Roadie,” Pell told The Dodo. “I saw the breed and the story and the fact that she is literally in my backyard.”

Pell went down to the shelter to evaluate Roadie, and she passed all her tests with flying colors, earning her a new life, career and family.


Every day, Roadie and her father go to the workplace to work on her social skills and obedience training. She sleeps next to his desk and follows him about, greeting visitors and even playing a game of ball.

Her training is still in its early stages, but her father is hoping that one day they will be able to work together to benefit the community.


“She’s bonded to me,” Pell said. “She looks to me for guidance and acceptance and she tries to do her job. She thinks that she should bark at people she doesn’t know, but when I tell her that it’s OK … I get these soulful, caring eyes and it’s almost as if she’s apologizing. She will sit beautifully, look me in the eye, lay her ears down and very slowly lift her paw up to touch me.”