People Stopped To Save A Dog With His Head Stuck In A Bottle Because He Was So Happy


David Velázquez went out for a bike ride with some buddies in Mexico the other day when they noticed something by the side of the road.

There was a dog in distress on the outskirts of town. His head was caught in a plastic container, and he appeared to be pleading for help.

“At first, we didn’t know what was going on since he was weeping and coming to us,” Velázquez told The Dodo. “We realized we had to do something.”

After putting their motorcycles down, Velázquez and his buddies stood there watching as the dog approached them with caution. The bottle was then carefully removed from around the dog’s head by one of the riders and his daughter.


As Rodrigo López and López’s daughter came to the pup’s rescue, Velázquez videotaped. He also caught the dog’s delight after being set free.

It’s unknown where the dog came from or how he got himself into such a pickle. But one thing was certain: if Velázquez and his companions had not discovered the dog in time, his prospects of life were minimal. And he seemed to be aware of it.

The riders were ready to do more to assist the dog if he became lost, but he didn’t last long.

“He bolted after thanking us,” Velázquez added. “The dog was overjoyed and appreciative.”

It took only a few seconds for the riders to come to a halt and assist the grateful dog, but it made all the difference.