Photo Of Sleeping Puppies In Doggy Day Care Captures Internet’s Attention

The doggy daycare, called “The Puppy Spring” is set up to watch dogs while their owners are at work or can’t be with them for a certain period of time.

The Puppy Spring is a very upscale daycare that is located in Gyeonggi-d South Korea, and it’s becoming famous for its cute sleeping puppy pictures that staff share online.

The Puppy Spring is run by certified professional dog behavior experts that ensure that the puppies in their care are getting everything that they need. The entire center is run so that the dogs get the best treatment and the greatest chances at better health and happiness.

The daycare is open to thirty dogs every day but also allows some children to come to visit and play with the dogs. The puppies are given the ability to roam the facility but also engage in learning games that boost their social life and improve obedience.

Nap time at the daycare center is a must. From 2-3:30pm the puppies have to lay on tiny mats and curl up under blankets so that they can get some sleep.

The results are adorable! The spoiled little dogs look like children that are enjoying their duvets and pillows. The pictures are taking the internet by storm.