Pup Throws A Fit Because Of Her New Automatic Dog Feeder


Until lately, it appeared that Olive’s owner, Hailey Hart, was the only thing standing between her and the additional food she craved. Olive, on the other hand, seemed accustomed to getting her way.At Hart and Olive’s residence, however, there’s a new food sheriff in town. And it’s not easily persuaded.

Olive’s owner, it turns out, just acquired an automated dog feeder, which dispenses dog food at predetermined intervals. Only at the times specified.Olive’s reaction when she found out about the last section was as follows:Olive was not pleased to find that a robot had decided that the clandestine treats she had previously enjoyed were no longer permitted.

Her frustration manifested itself in the shape of a cute little temper tantrum.

It’s not always enjoyable to stick to a regular, consistent meal plan, but it’s usually for the best. Still, Olive (or anybody else, for that matter) does not have to like it.