Raccoon Buried Alive Is Rescued By A Group Of Kind Children


Dray McMillon and his two boys, 14-year-old Daiton and 12-year-old Rylen, returned home to Texas earlier this week following a family excursion. With only a few hours of daylight remaining, the two lads decided to go exploring in the surrounding woods.

Daiton and Rylen stumbled encountered various animal burrows along the road, one of which had collapsed. But it wasn’t completely empty.

“They discovered a raccoon in the hole around 2 to 3 feet below,” McMillon told The Dodo that only his head and front legs were visible. “The lads quickly phoned me and informed me of their discovery.”


The raccoon was buried alive after the burrow collapsed.

It’s unknown how long the raccoon had been trapped in the hole, unable to escape. Daiton and Rylen, on the other hand, had located him in time and realized they had to assist.
They dashed home and grabbed their father, directing him to the location.

“The raccoon was struggling for oxygen when I arrived,” McMillon added. “It was heartbreaking to witness this animal’s struggle. My youngsters were convinced that the animal had to be saved.”

McMillon and his boys gently dug the raccoon out with a shovel and their hands. They contacted the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center as darkness fell, and volunteers were dispatched to aid.


The frantic raccoon was ultimately liberated after everyone worked together to save his life.

Fortunately, the raccoon was well enough to be released shortly after, except from tiredness. Daiton and Rylen stood there watching as the animal they’d fought so hard to save walked away, alive and free, owing to their efforts.

“I could see my guys’ sense of achievement,” McMillon remarked. “They were ecstatic that the animal had been safely freed.”

If Daiton and Rylen hadn’t found him and persisted on sparing his life, the raccoon’s fate might have been quite different. They’re simply thankful to have been in the right location at the right moment to assist.

“They expressed their joy with me when we came back to the house,” McMillon added. “I could tell this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.”