Rescuer’s Ready To Go When The Tiny Puppy Leads Him To A Hole Under The Shed

It was Brady Oliveira of K9 Advocates in Manitoba, Canada, who received an alert from someone about some puppies potentially hiding out on his property. His dog had given birth, and now the pups were nowhere to be found. Upon arriving, the mother dog came over with just one puppy.

They couldn’t see or hear any more, and they wondered if maybe this was now the only survivor…

And all of a sudden, the little one took off running as if she wanted them to follow. So Brady went along, and she led him to a hole under the shed. The rescuer peeked his head in, and there were the puppies huddled up!

He was ready and willing to stay out there the entire night if he had to in order to save them all.

It would take some convincing to lure them out with kibble as they’d never had any human contact before. But after about 45 minutes, a total of four puppies were captured and loaded up in the truck!

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

They’d all soon be taken in by fosters, and Brady later received a message from the white one’s family inviting him for a reunion!